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Warranty Replacement Parts Install Videos

  All Optic LED Grow Lights come with 5 year warranty to ensure you have the same great experience as everyone else. It definitely helps that Optic LED's are made from very good quality components at every level. All of the components were designed with plug and play connectors to make it really easy to plug in a new part if ever needed. 

            Its expensive for a grower to have to pay to mail in their grow light for a repair and also that means costly down time as the LED is out of the garden. Optic LED warranty program if you ever have a problem you will quickly receive expedited replacement part. Most of the time you are able to continue to grow with your light so you have no down time. When you part arrives you just pop off the lid, plug in the new part and your back to 100%



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 How to Install Replacement LED Boards for "Generation2" Optic 2, 4 or 6.



 Replacing Timer Board on Optic 2-4-6






Plug and Play connectors on all the components help to make any repair very easy if anything ever were to happen. Being able to easily fix your light from home within 15 minutes is pretty awesome and guarantees that you will never get stuck with a defective LED Light. Also this method saves you $40-$100 by not having to ship your light in for repair not to mention how many weeks it would be out of the garden.