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New! Optic 8+ NextGen PAR Meter Data & PPFD Charts

New! Optic 8+ NextGen PAR Meter Data & PPFD Charts

      Hello all of you Optic LED die hards out there is the information you have been waiting for. We can confirm Optic 8+ NextGen delivers 15% More overall light at the same 18" hanging height as the previous version. However Optic 8+ NextGen has some Amazing new 120 Degree Wide beam lenses allowing us to lower the light to 15" (which would only be done the last 2-3 weeks of flower). At 15" Optic 8+ NextGen delivers an astounding 1,000 ppfd. 




We also created a video at Optic LED headquarters to confirm the ppfd data to be accurate. 




    Here is some of the ppfd data, please refer to the Optic 8+ Listing for full details. 


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