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NEW Gadgets in the Garden Sale! 1/19 - 2/28

NEW Gadgets in the Garden Sale! 1/19 - 2/28

At Optic LED we help growers add the newest technology to the garden, introducing the NEW Gadgets in the Garden Sale! Now is the perfect time to get the newest Samsung diodes and Full spectrum control into your grow!

 The gadgets in the garden sale includes big mark downs on all
of your favorite lights and you can use the discount code on top of that. 
Use the instant50 discount code to take $50 off your favorite high power
Optic LED. You can also use Drip5 that is included in our weekly email
for a 5% discount on your favorite lights.

To start the year off right Optic LED is offering a extra $50 off at checkout when you use the code: Instant50

Check out the New Gadgets in the Garden Sale Below!

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