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One Of Europe's Largest Ever Indoor Vertical Farms Just Opened

One Of Europe's Largest Ever Indoor Vertical Farms Just Opened

One of Europe's largest ever indoor Vertical Farms just opened for business in a industrial area in Copenhagen Denmark. Rows upon rows of veggies stacked on top of each other being grown under artificial LED lights. All beings controlled and automated in a perfect environment with out the worry of weather, pest or nature.
Danish start-up Nordic Harvest now runs a 7000 square meter facility which is stacked to the the ceiling 14 rows high allowing for a massive growing area. Their Vertical Farming way of growing will allow them to harvest 15 times a year without every having to worry about the outside environment.
200 tons of produce is expected to be harvested come the 1st quarter and 1000 tons annually to be harvested for this indoor farm. Making this one of the biggest indoor vegetables producer in Europe.
Vertical Farming started taking off around 10 years ago in Asia and the USA but has had a slower start in the EU. 
Some of the reasons why farmers see the benefit of moving their horticulture indoors is that these kinds of gardens use 250x less water to produce crops compared to growing outside in the field. Also growing this way allows farmers to get away from using pesticides and herbicides as the indoor environments can control these factors. 
So will we see more massive indoor vertical farms like this opening up in the EU in the future? I think it is definite yes, especially with Global weather issues on the rise.
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