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Cree LEDs for Horticulture

XLamp CXB3590

Second Generation of CXA LED Arrays                 Cree XLamp CXB3590 LED Components

The XLamp® CXB3590 LED Array is the brightest member of the second generation of the CXA family that delivers up to 33% higher efficacy than the first generation in the same LES. The higher performance CXA2 LED Arrays allow lighting manufacturers to achieve the same or better performance with a smaller LES, enabling a radical reduction in system size and cost. CXA2 LED Arrays share the same physical design as the previous generation, allowing lighting manufacturers to leverage the existing optical, mechanical and electrical design elements to accelerate time to market without additional cost.


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XLamp XP-E

Lighting-Class Performance

Cree XLamp XP-E LED Components

The XLamp® XP-E LED combines the proven lighting-class performance and reliability of the XLamp XR-E LED in a package with an 80% smaller footprint. This smaller package extends Cree’s award-winning LED performance into new LED lighting applications.

New XLamp XP-E color LEDs provide up to 69% more flux than the existing XLamp XR color portfolio, with an an 80% smaller footprint. XLamp XP-E reduces the space between LED die by 75%, compared to XLamp XR color LEDs.


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XLamp XP-E2

Now available in best-in-class efficiency Photo Red (660 nm) & Far Red (730 nm)

Cree XLamp XP-E2 Cool

For many years, XLamp® XP-E2 LEDs have been the preferred LED choice for lighting manufacturers looking to combine different colors of light together to service specialty lighting applications. The XP-E2 platform offers an unbeatable combination of optical control, excellent light output and the ceramic high-power LED reliability that has made Cree famous. The XP-E2 LED family is now available in Photo Red (660 nm) and Far Red (730 nm) colors to deliver the family’s benefits to the LED horticulture lighting industry, with 68 percent higher performance than the competition.


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