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Desert Indoor Vertical Farming Under Led Lights


 Deserts cover a vast area of the world and within them there has always been a need for food security and water security. Both do not come easy in these aired climates. But with the rise of new growing technology farming is very possible and much more efficient than traditional farming. In places like UAE where energy is cheap but water is expensive it make total sense to see the rise of new Vertical Hydroponic gardens grown under led grow lights.

 These farms can be set up to have complete climates control which can be a huge advantage when you compare to the harshness of growing crops in a desert area. Dealing with the drastic temperature changes could result in poor growth and lose of crops. Being indoors gives the advantage of control. Hydroponic techniques of growing food is vastly more efficient (saving up to 90% more water) as everything is kept in system and the plants only use what they need so farmers are not losing large amount of water by evaporation. Soil is also not needed which is perfect because desert soil and sand are not preferable for crop growth.
 Led lights are a big factor in these types of farms as there is a need for them to be powerful but very efficient as to not give off extra heat. Many of our lights at Optic Led use industry stand Samsung LM301H Led diodes which are perfect for these conditions and they are arguably the most efficient and powerful leds in the world. The future is bright especially when you are growing with Optic Led Grow Lights.